Korean police request help from Chinese authorities for Burning Sun probe Jaejeong Kim 2019.04.04
    Female duo Bolbbalgan4 drops ear-tickling album to match spring season Jaejeong Kim 2019.04.04
    Roy Kim will return to Korea soon to attend police probe over illegal sex video scandal Jaejeong Kim 2019.04.04
    New Korean culture minister's efforts: boost Korean Wave, inter-Korean exchange Jaejeong Kim 2019.04.04
    Iron man, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye to visit S. Korea Jaejeong Kim 2019.04.04
    New Wed-Thu drama 'The Banker' tops weekly TV chart on first week Jaejeong Kim 2019.04.04
    Coming: 20th Jeonju Int. Film Festival(JIFF) to feature 262 films from 52 countries Jaejeong Kim 2019.04.04
    K-POP duo Bolbbalgan4 to debut in Japan in June with 'Galaxy' Jaejeong Kim 2019.04.04
    BTS' new trailer featuring RM draws more than 5 mln views in 7 hrs Lee, Hyung Woo 2019.03.29
    Singer-actress IU stars in original Netflix movie 'Persona' Lee, Hyung Woo 2019.03.29
    SHINee's Taemin to launch his solo Japanese arena tour on June Lee, Hyung Woo 2019.03.29
    Three main actors of 'Avengers: Endgame' to visit S. Korea Lee, Hyung Woo 2019.03.29
    BTS to throw global fan meeting, "5th Muster Magic Show" in Busan and Seoul on June Lee, Hyung Woo 2019.03.29
    3 actors of 'Avengers: Endgame' to visit S. Korea OH JI HYEON 2019.03.26
    Vietnamese version of Korean TV show 'Running Man' goes on-air next month OH JI HYEON 2019.03.26
    Duo HONNE announces second collaboration with BTS' RM OH JI HYEON 2019.03.26
    Ex-Wanna One member Park Ji-hoon swings open solo career OH JI HYEON 2019.03.26
    Singer-actress Choi Su-young OH JI HYEON 2019.03.26
    Cherry blossoms in full bloom OH JI HYEON 2019.03.25
    Holi Hai Festival OH JI HYEON 2019.03.25