ABOUT Drama 'Memorist' : Actor, Storyline, Relationship
ABOUT Drama 'Memorist' : Actor, Storyline, Relationship
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tvn 'Memorist'
tvn 'Memorist'

Yoo-Seungho has come back with a new drama 'Memorist'.


First aired on March 11, 'Memorist' is about a chase after serial killer by detective Dong-Baek(Yoo-Seungho) and elite profiler Han-Sunmi(Lee-Se-Young).


tvn 'Memorist'
tvn 'Memorist'


It is based on same title DAUM webtoon which received 9.9 rating out of 10. 


tvn 'Memorist'
tvn 'Memorist'



Yoo-Seungho played the role of 'Dong-Baek', the psycometry detective who scans through others' memory by touch, and fights against a notorious criminal, 'Jiwoogae'.


Lee-Se-Young played the role of 'Han Sunmi', the genius who passed the judicial examination with the highest score. She finds out Jiwoogae had relationship with 'Dong-Baek in the past.


tvn 'Memorist'
tvn 'Memorist'


Director of 'Memorist' said "From the first episode, the mysterious confrontation between super power detective 'Dong-Baek' and 'Han Sunmi' appears" 


'Memorist' will be on TV every Wednesday and Thursday 10:50 pm.




Korean drama 'Memorist' webtoon, plot, relationship, part series introduction


Super power detective Yoo-Seungho X elite profiler Lee-Se-Young

Based on same titled webtoon… satisfies six senses against absolute evil with super power

Every Wednesday, Thursday 10:50 on TV


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