Kim Taehee's Comeback in Drama 'Hi-Bye, Mama' and its Storyline
Kim Taehee's Comeback in Drama 'Hi-Bye, Mama' and its Storyline
  • Roh Pooleun
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tvn 'Hi-Bye Mama'
tvn 'Hi-Bye Mama'


tvN's new Sat-Sun drama 'Hi-Bye, Mama!' starring Kim Tae-hee and Lee Kyu-hyung is hot because it is Kim Tae-hee's return to acting after marriage with Rain.


tvn 'Hi-Bye, Mama'
tvn 'Hi-Bye, Mama'


The drama is about 49 days of real reincarnation of Cha Yuri(Kim Tae Hee) appearing as a ghost in front of her husband Jo Kang-hwa (Lee Gyu-hyung) and her daughter.


tvn 'Hi-Bye Mama'
tvn 'Hi-Bye Mama'


Kim Tae-hee says "Cha Yuri is very similar with me in her simplicity and positive energy. I was attracted to her"

"I was able to sympathize more with the situation of Cha Yuri, now that I am a mother too. I tried to express myself naturally by reflecting what I truly am, such as my usual tone of speech", she added.




Son Yejin → Kim Taehee's comeback 'Hi-Bye, Mama' storyline, first broadcast date

'Hi-Bye, Mama' aired after the 'Non-Trial Of Love' starring Kim Tae-hee X Lee Gyu-hyung ...49 days of unpredictable real reincarnation Story
First broadcast in February

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