'The King-Eternal Monarch' Parallel World & Teaser of 6 Characteristics
'The King-Eternal Monarch' Parallel World & Teaser of 6 Characteristics
  • Roh Pooleun
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SBS Fri-Sat drama 'The King-Eternal Monarch' 3rd teaser released


[Munhwa News MHN reporter Choi Ji-young / translated by Roh Pooleun] 'The King-Eternal Monarch' 2 verssions of teaser video is released, implying the 6 characteristic and parallel world view.

SBS's fantasy romance drama 'The King-Eternal Monarch' is love story between Korean Empire emperor Lee Gon and current Korean detective Jung Taeul. Expectation is high due to the fame of director Kim Eunsuk. Teasers were released twice on February 28 and March 11.

The third teaser was released on March 31 online. The 48 sec 'title' teaser presents brilliant computer graphics and gives supernatural mood. The last scene is Lee Gon, the princ charming, and Jung Taeul watching each other, mounting expectation toward fantasizing love story.

15 sec 'character' teaser shows 6 characteristics of each character. Emperor Lee Gon looks determined in thunder and lightening, and Jung Taeul is staring forward under dark spotlight. Korean Empire guard captain Cho-young and detective Kang Sin-jae, covered with blood, staring at something, the first female prime minister Ku Seo-ryung, and the King of Korean Empire Lee Rim appear like panorama.

Hwa & Dam Pictures said "We made two versions to show the 'Parallel world fantasy romance' and characteristics". The 3rd teaser video hit 70,000 views in 2 hours(Naver TV).

SBS new Fri-Sat drama 'The King-Eternal Monarch' will be aired from April 17 on 10 pm.




'The King-Eternal Monarch' Parallel World & Teaser of 6 Characteristics 



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