TXT drops new album 'The Dream Chapter : ETERNITY' (tracklist and members' interview)
TXT drops new album 'The Dream Chapter : ETERNITY' (tracklist and members' interview)
  • Roh Pooleun
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[MHN Roh Pooleun] TOMORROW X TOGETHER(TXT) dropped a new album 'The Dream Chapter : ETERNITY' today.



With their 'The Dream Chapter' series, TXT showcase the joys and trials of growing up.

The first album 'The Dream Chapter : STAR' marked the beginning of the trilogy and was released on March 4, 2019. The second album 'The Dream Chapter : MAGIC' was released on October 21, 2019 and 'The Dream Chapter : ETERNITY' released on May 18, 2020 will complete the album trilogy.



TXT's member Subin said "This album is the desire of a boy who wants to keep good memories while going through hardship in life'.



On May 5, TXT revealed the tracklist for 'The Dream Chapter : ETERNITY'. The mini album consists of six tracks all with unique and entrancing titles. 'Drama' is the first track on the EP. 

'Can't You See Me?' is the second track and the lead single. The remaining four tracks are 'Fairy of Shampoo', 'Maze in the Mirror', 'PUMA' and 'Eternally'.



According to a press release from Big Hit Entertainment, 'Fairy of Shampoo' will be the first remake song ever released by TXT. It is a remake song of 'Light and Salt' and Yeonjun did rap making.



“We think that ‘Can’t You See Me?’ really carries the whole penetrative theme of the entire album. It’s our title track because it’s about the confusion and loneliness that the boys in our story feel as they collide with reality and discover conflicts in their friendship. The song delivers both a sense of resentment towards friends and a desire to be saved by them. It’s a very unique song with unique sounds that follow turbulent emotions,” the members of TXT told Billboard in a recent interview.



"All of our members try to write our own music whenever we find the time. We're working hard to include new material in our next album as well," Yeonjun, rapper and singer of the group, said during a media showcase for the new record held at Yes 24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul.



The group is often seen as a younger brother group of K-pop titans BTS, due to their sharing the same label and management agency, Big Hit Entertainment. Big Hit founder Bang Si-hyuk is credited as a co-producer of the title song "Can't You See Me?"

Since their debut, TXT proved to be a breakout success, collecting 10 rookie-of-the-year awards during last year's music award season.




TXT drops new album 'The Dream Chapter : ETERNITY' (tracklist and members' interview)


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